Tokenized Gaming
It's time to Level Up

Q: NFTs look cool, but how do I use them without making my game confusing?

A: By using blockchains and tokens where they’re best-fit, and nowhere else.

Your Cheat Code to Sucess

The Opportunity

NFTs, tokenized economies and blockchain technologies usually introduce new ideas for games at the cost of new friction. At Tokenly we’ve spent the last half-dozen years pioneering the ideal balance. Only use what’s awesome, leave the rest to the academics.

The Benefits

New Money

Offer limited edition NFTs, collect tokenized royalties, bootstrap investment in your next title from your ecosystem’s whales and much more. Tokenize it and springboard to the next level.

New Engagement

Grow your game beyond your software with tokenized elements. Excite your players with meaningful giveaways, free, simple to configure cross-game interactions, partnerships and more. Expand your base with meta-games between your own titles or even your competitors.

New Opportunities

From tokenized software licenses that lift ownership beyond the platform it was purchased on to genre-wide challenges and rewards programs that coalesce disparate audiences for maximum reach, so much is possible. We can help you pick the best elements for your world.

Do it Now

Games are about the experience - use the best of what’s new and skip the rest.

Your community will thank you and so will your future selves.


No expertise required. Turn on the future with simple SSO & API integrations.


A simple, expected, fantastic experience for fans new to tokens. No master-class required!


Empower your tech-savvy fans to use your tokens on their favorite tech stack.


Advising, building and guiding you towards your NFT ideal so you can focus on what really matters.