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Add Perks, Privileges & Unique Experiences to Tokens. 

Connect to any App with Email or Metamask.

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Owning a specific token can give users access to presales, discounts and exclusive catalogs. Owning an early music album or specific NFTs can offer more perks than other combinations. Tokenpass also let’s you issue offchain credits that can convert to token rewards at specific tiers allowing for no TX fee, flexible loyalty programs.

Access Rights

Tokens can be assigned to privileges such as access to documents, chat rooms, forums and other digital goods. Owning a specific token can let a user access a VIP portal, catalog, financial report, account info, or newsletter without password risk.

Digital Assets

Create cross-app, cross platform and collaborations across digital assets. A single tokenized album or art can unlock songs in one app, skins in a game and access to a presale somewhere else. Partner with brands, curators and creators to create evolving perks.


Intuitive Login & Experiences. Anyone can buy and experience tokens with usernames, emails and logins they’re used to. Connect your token inventory wallet to hazah users will be able to easily retrieve, earn or purchase your token via crypto or paypal. No wallet or seed setup required.


  • Email- Sign up and send tokens via email
  • Aliases- Enjoy traditional usernames
  • oAuth- Sign in with social


Secrecy Is Not Sacrificed. Prove you own tokens without sharing your wallet address or other inventory with users and applications. You are in charge of which wallets you connect and which apps are able to see the contents of your wallets for what purposes.

A completely non-custodial experience and your private keys are never requested. 



  • In Control– Control which apps can see your wallet inventory
  • Proof Only- Prove what you need to without sharing everything else
  • MetaMask It– Sign in with metamask if you have it


Create Limitless Experiences. That NFT art piece can also unlock unique in-game skins and early access to events. Your loyal collectors or investors can now access exclusive discounts and channels. Owning your rare token album can now mean early access to a growing library of music.



  • Multi-Perk– One token can be many things
  • Evolving- Update, reward and expand fan perks
  • Connected- Collaborate cross apps via API


Reward Loyalty & Ownership. Attach perks to tokens like access to VIP chatrooms, blogs, exclusive discounts, events, media and more. Encourage early adoption, collection and loyalty with everchanging perks from you or partners.


  • Access- Give token holders access to unique perks
  • Reward- Setup VIP shops via
  • Collaborate- Assign perks to tokens from other creators


Manage your tokens and web identity from a single hub. You determine which applications get to see your token balance, personal details or activity. They can easily assign perks to tokens like discounts, access to media and reward points without knowing everything about you. 

MetaMask Wallet. You can now sign into TokenPass with Metamask. An added layer of comfort and privacy. Once connected you can manage token perks, inventories and connect to apps!

Intigrate. WordPress is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites as of October 2021. Create Token Accessed content, pages, and token integration through Tokenpass Plugin!

eCommerce Empire. Start a shop in minutes to start selling your NFTs. You can accept crypto, custom coins or even NFTs as payment.. or link your PayPal. Build loyalty by tying discounts and exclusive sales to specific tokens your fans already own.

Curated News & Media. Explore evolving blockchain and crypto development curated by experts and AI.

Coming Soon: Unlock free Pro Plans and features with the allyourfeeds NFT airdropping into wallets and other select tokens.

Ethereum Ready. TokenPass is now compatible with ERC 20, 721 and other standards used for NFTs, coins and digital assets. Securely link your ethereum account via message signing in minutes and start building your token empire.

What can you do… open a shop, connect to your app via API, create perks, access rights, power game assets and more!

Bitcoin Ready. Link your BTC wallet and any legacy counterparty (XCP) assets as well. Accept payments via username or email.

Did you know that Counterparty was one of the first layer 2 Bitcoin solutions which pioneered NFTs such as Rare Pepes, Spells Of Genesis, Art and Force Of Will CTG.

Tokenize Everything. Connect custom applications and build amazing token experiences with TokenPass token management and control center. Interact with traditional payments, token assets, cryptocurrency, offchain credits and onboard users with no need for seed phrases.


Token Controlled Access TCA.

The majority of tokens are ‘coins’ and more recently NFT collectibles and art have gained traction. That said the most common concept of tokens is ‘redemption’ for purchases or ‘proof of ownership’. TokenPass unlocks a 3rd feature which is ‘access’. Owning a specific token or quantity can offer access to a variety of privileges or perks.

Privacy Controls.

An application can ask you to prove that you own a specific token to gain access to a perk, media, discount, document, etc. Your wallet does not share any additional token holding details with the application. It’s either ‘yes’ you have it or ‘no’ you do not.

Users can toggle any other details they wish to share with the application such as their avater, bio, linked accounts, etc.

‘Instant’ Transfers.

Any TokenPass connected apps can immediately recognize when a token transfer has initiated and provide access to the specific perk, without having to wait for long confirmation times.

Lending & Rentals.

Temporary tokens can be used for memberships, limited time access keys or licenses, tiered media unlocking and more. The lender effectively escrows the token for a set period of time.

Non Custodial.

By default TokenPass has no control over user wallets. It is a bridge for proof of ownership and access. Users can sign a message to prove they own a wallet to begin creating or benefiting from token experiences.

Phantom Tokens.

If an app wants to onboard users without forcing them to get a wallet, they can send promised ‘phantom’ tokens to users. If the user decides they want to take actual ownership of the token, they can setup a wallet and initiate receipt.