Pixelmix AI Art

A generative art experiment. Harnessing the magic of artificial intelligence, our generative art tools inspire, fuel and amplify artists.

No more Barriers

There are so many barriers to creating the image you see in your mind’s eye. Maybe it's a lack of inspiration, time, or training.

You can also build on pre-existing images to create new art, like palimpsest layers.

The tools enable you to create in every art historical style.


Available through Integrated Discord Bots, Decentraland Smart Objects, API, and our very own PixelMind.ai Platform!

Creation from nothing

You don't need a base creation, you can be an artist through a descriptive set of words creating a story for your illustration!

Blurring the line between collector and artist.

A self-driving car for creativity, Pixelmind allows collectors and creators to collaborate, creating unique one-of-one images and NFTs.

See art. Live art. Mint art.

Select the series you want to create with, input a prompt, and watch as your piece is created before your very eyes. Once you’ve honed in on your perfect piece or pieces, you can mint them as NFTs - your part of that series.


The PX Collector's Pass is the first ever utility NFT by Pixelmind AI, a technology company building the next generation of generative art tools. Holders of this NFT will have exclusive access to various Pixelmind projects, from early access to drops to collaboration opportunities with big artists and more. 

The Pixelpass

Sold through several white-listed + Open mint stages. There will only ever be 5,500 PX Collector's Passes in existence.

The App

Signup for the application and get in line for some amazing art generation series.

The Community

A community of collectors and artists interested in playing at the intersection of human creativity and AI.


The Pixelpass Benefits

Lifetime Pass to use Pixelmind product

We are constantly coming out with new things to try, pass holders will get beta access to what the developers are trying out next! Custom upload, advanced, and creation options

Private Discord Channels

Our discord bots are for the community fun, and competitions to win all types of rewards. Anyone can join, but with the pass you have exclusive access to Art Creation bots and Competitions.

NFT Series Minting

We are planning to regularly partner with amazing artists in the NFT scene! Pass holders have access to be the first round minting and collaboration on each series released. You have the option to mint on Ethereum, Polygon or hold until you decide what's best for your token!


VIP access to gatherings, parties, and podcasts in the Metaverse, enjoy wearables, DJ's, Art galleries, POAPs, and much more during our events!