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What are Tokens?

Tokens are a digital representation of your good whether it’s a trading card, song, movie, game, loyalty point, membership, and more. You can buy, sell, trade, or rent tokens for any traditional currency, digital currency, or other tokens. Only token holders can use the goods tokens represent and only creators can issue more.


These give holders the ability to trade-in their tokens for goods. Think ‘digital gift certificate’.

Access tokens

This kind gives holders entry to features, services or accounts they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Want to set up your business or brand for web 3.0 today?

Low Risk

Cheap to get started and take advantage of our tools.

For Anyone

Individuals, small and large businesses or established platforms can integrate with our tools.


Users can get Instant gratification upon purchase- using token controlled access.

API Forward

Our products are designed API forward meaning they can be applied or implimented in existing products as well as power new ones on the fly.

Blockchain Agnostic

Use Everything, Regret Nothing

Q: What blockchain should I issue my token on?

A: Whatever each member of my audience wants, only when they want it.

The Opportunity

As the world wakes up to token technology one question comes up over and over again: “What blockchain should I build my tokens on”

Stop trying to think like an engineer. Tokenly empowers you to just focus on value/utility and let your audience decide when and where to tokenize.

The Benefits

Profoundly Easier

You’ll lose most of your audience when you ask them to “write down a 12 word seed phrase and never misplace it”. It’s a big responsibility and it’s a strange thing to ask of your average fan. With Tokenly, you never have to ask.

Completely Flexible

Fans simply buy and use tokens with an email login (Twitter, Google, etc.) with the option to put them on the blockchain of their choice whenever they want.

Significantly Cheaper

No “minting” fees for you and a buffet of blockchain options for your fans, from expensive-but-gold-standard Ethereum to cheap-but-brand-new FLOW


Welcome to Pixelmix, a generative art experiment. Harnessing the magic of artificial intelligence, our generative art tools inspire, fuel and amplify artists.


Available through Integrated Discord Bots, Decentraland Smart Objects, API, and our very own Platform!

Creation from nothing

You don't need a base creation, you can be an artist through a descriptive set of words creating a story for your illustration!

Blurring the line between collector and artist.

A self-driving car for creativity, Pixelmind allows collectors and creators to collaborate, creating unique one-of-one images and NFTs.

See art. Live art. Mint art.

Select the series you want to create with, input a prompt, and watch as your piece is created before your very eyes. Once you’ve honed in on your perfect piece or pieces, you can mint them as NFTs - your part of that series.

Learn more about Pixelmix's Magic

Frequent Questions

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Tokenly is a leading innovator around non-financial applications of blockchain technology, like token controlled access and token ownership.

Interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is at all-time highs, but still remains too complex for individuals and businesses to use for practical applications. Tokenly enables indivuals and businesses to enjoy the benefits of using blockchain technology without hiring a blockchain engineer. Tokenly solves the problem of complexitity by "abstracting away" the technical operations required to use blockchain technology into the background while giving users full control with simple interfaces.

We are truly unique by providing powerful blockchain tools that are user-friendly. More than just an idea, we have launched 5 applications to date, including blockchain and turnkey token solutions for eCommerce. We also intentionally built our applications to be blockchain agnostic, making Tokenly adaptable to any new developments in the rapidly changing blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Tokenly has been developing blockchain solutions for six years. To date, we have 5 live blockchain token solutions and thousands of users.